Welcome to a new division of Deardorff.

Specializing in original, high-end marketing tattoos.

A year spent in quarantine has led many to discover new talents. Baking bread. Speaking French. Or, in our case, delivering high quality ink. For years we’ve been branding your companies and products. Now we’d like to brand your employees.

torso body shot
torso back shot

Why ink your staff?

Creates a sense of connection among employees, especially those that have worked at home for the past year

Provides a continual source of inspiration at a glance

Displays pride in one’s profession and firm

Allows team members to show their level of commitment, putting true skin in the game

How does it work?

You come to us or we come to you. Our COVID-trained team utilizes all precautions necessary to deliver safe, inspiring, awesome tattoos. Invite us to your next sales meeting or company picnic. We’ll bring the ink.

Does this seem strange?

Maybe at first. But consider, we’re brand experts with top-notch artists. And what is a tattoo, but the ultimate expression of one’s personal brand?

Your Logo Here!
Tattoo setup station

At deez tats…

Our artists are dedicated to the art of tattooing part time. Proficient in many styles, we welcome client direction. We take walk-ins on Wednesdays as well as large custom work by appointment. We use the finest inks and equipment Amazon has to offer. Our mobile studio uses hospital grade cleanliness and sterilization tested fairly often. We wear masks and also gloves. Bring us your ideas, reference images or company logo and we will create your new masterpiece.

For more information on Deez Tats, or to see our book of artists, contact us.

What do you think of our new venture?

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