The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing
 Feb 14, 2017

The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing

Working in branding/marketing has changed the way I see the other brands' campaigns from a consumer level. I’ve gained a more significant appreciation for companies that have been able to speak to me with authenticity, who have created an experience that’s enjoyable, all-immersive, and most importantly, fun. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to pay homage to the 3 brands I’m currently crushing on.

Taco Bell. I admit I’m not really much of a fast food person, and honestly had not eaten at The Bell in about 15 years. But that all changed about two years ago, when I was heading to a concert and needed something quick. When my friend suggested Taco Bell, I was skeptical because as a vegetarian I didn’t think there’d be a lot of options, but as a connoisseur of the chain, he assured me they had beefed up their non-meat options (yes, horrible pun intended).

That first bean burrito became my entry back into the Taco Bell fold, and it’s rare that one work week lunch doesn’t include refueling with a couple spicy potato tacos. Beyond becoming one of the top fast food chains for fast and healthy options, they’ve also been killing it with their marketing outreach, and the industry has definitely taken notice. In 2013, Ad Age declared Taco Bell Marketer of the Year and in the years since, they’ve continued to win big with the millennial audience.

Deathwish Coffee. I discovered Deathwish Coffee when I was researching gift options for a someone I’d lovingly label a coffee snob. From the reviews, it sounded like they had a solid product, and I was intrigued by their claim of their tagline, “World’s strongest coffee.” But what really sealed the deal for me was their incredibly tight branding. They are smartly strategic--not only offering a great product (I am totally hooked, and it’s now a staple in Deardorff’s downstairs break room), but also constantly offering killer promotions and advertising campaigns, including their winning spot in last year’s Super Bowl. And their efforts are definitely paying off--since their commercial aired last year, they’ve nearly tripled their sales.

Campbell’s. Campbell’s has long cornered the market on at-home, feel-good comfort food with their wide variety of soups and the additional food brands under its umbrella. Although this brand has been a mainstay in pantries since its inception, it also understands that it needs to evolve to respond to the changing needs of its customers. In an effort to achieve this, Campbell’s has been rolling out new product lines that answer the demand for products featuring fresh, all-natural ingredients while also creating content that gives customers access to easy-to-make recipes using fresh ingredients. As part of this fresh-first movement, the company recently launched a limited-edition run of their original recipe tomato soup, using tomatoes garnered from southern New Jersey farms.

So who are the brands that you’re currently crushing? Share with us in the comments!