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Songs in the Key of Deardorff: Music to Get You Through Your Work Day

Deardorff put together a Spotify playlist of our office's favorite songs to provide you with a little inspiration to get through the mid-day work slump. We cover a wide array of genres, artists, and songs, so we're certain there's something that'll help you knock a couple things off your "To Do" list, no matter what your musical taste.  (We even have a Kevin Spacey cover song on their – did you even know that he sang?)

Why Brand Storytelling Is so Important to Your Business: Our Brains Love a Good Story.

The love of storytelling is one of the most powerful, universal human characteristics. No other form of communication can even begin to engage the human brain so completely, so magically, and science supports this. Storytelling triggers a host of activity in our brains -- firing neurons, releasing dopamine and activating the cortex -- resulting in greater attention, enhanced memory of the information presented and a stronger, more emotional connection to the storyteller.

The Top 3 Brands I’m Currently Crushing

Working in branding/marketing has changed the way I see the other brands' campaigns from a consumer level. I’ve gained a more significant appreciation for companies that have been able to speak to me with authenticity, who have created an experience that’s enjoyable, all-immersive, and most importantly, fun. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to pay homage to the 3 brands I’m currently crushing on.